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 Rich Woolf Jr


Rich Woolf Jr was born in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Temple University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media of Arts. Woolf’s dedication lies in editing. His goals include becoming an American Cinema Editor (ACE).


Woolf’s recent projects include a locally aired television show called The Steel that aired in the Lehigh Valley on Service Electric and Blue Ridge Cable. The Steel is available to view online Along with filming and editing the show he also had a role in front of the camera for a segment on The Steel called Woolfies Twist.  He spent numerous hours editing The Steel learning how to create storylines and sequences for the show. Rich also has experience editing music videos for local artists, organizing footage and creating cuts for documentaries that aired on The History Channel and other upcoming documentaries.


Woolf’s passion for editing stems from his desire to create stories,


         “I've always enjoyed crafting stories. I feel like I’m                             putting the pieces of a giant puzzle together”.


His desire to create the perfect story is apparent in his work. Woolf’s goal when working with clients is to create organized and detailed work. Rich works exceptionally well with others, is native to collaborative environments and aspires to improve his editing skills and succeed in the tv and film industry. 


Woolf's work has been featured in the news. Links to these published articles can be viewed here:

""From recording to editing and being in front of the camera, I love it and enjoy it with a passion"

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